Financial structure

Paylogic offers a large platform enabling payment methods to serve event visitors from all over the world. Both local as well as international payment methods (iDeal for example in the Netherlands or Bancontact MrCash in Belgium) are connected to the platform. Visitors of your event can buy tickets in 31 currencies and Paylogic can transfer in 5 currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, TRY, BRL) to a bank account in a country of your choice.

Payments to clients of Paylogic are handled periodically. Based on the size of an event this happens monthly (standard), bi-weekly or weekly. When payments are being made, payments from non-held events are taken into account so event organizers do not have to worry about anything and always have the overview. Payments to event organizers always take place on Wednesday, the past 4 years without any delays.

Sales support

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