Customer data ownership

Get to know your customers

It is possible to add extra steps to the ticketing process so that you as event organizer can obtain rich information from your visitors. By requesting data, customer profiles are created and all geographic and demographic is reported in a clear and structured way. This information can be used immediately to better serve the needs of your customers. 

For further analyses, connections with other data sources can be build. This means that information from our systems can be transmitted to your (online) environment. It is also possible to view ticket sales real-time in our backoffice; for example the amount of transactions per channel or the amount of registered visitors at a certain point in time. Read more... 

The collected data is 100% owned by the event organizer. Through online registration data can be collected and used for several purposes including your marketing activities. To do so, permission is needed from the individual visitor, but the event organizer is in control.

Would you like the keep the ticketing process as short and easy as possible? That is also possible, by simply selling tickets publicly without a requested registration.

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