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The optimal use of mobile opportunities.

Our vision on Mobile Ticketing

Mobile phones are getting a more prominent role within the ticketing industry. Paylogic assures that you can supply your customers with the needed fulfillment. Recently, Apple introduced Apple Passbook on iPhone which can be used for saving tickets and coupons. We have the right tools available to make use of this new feature.

Apple Passbook collects all kinds of tickets and coupons in one application. Because tickets are being registered on a mobile device the link with time and place can be made. Tickets are being offered in the context the visitor find themselves and can therefore be targeted properly.

If a user of Passbook is close the event, the ticket is automatically made available in a so called lock screen. With this, direct access to the event is assured. 

The functionality of Apple Passbook depends on the user settings on each iPhone. Users need to enable location services to make use of the application.
Make sure to ask for the possibilities to offer you tickets on Apple Passbook with Paylogic!

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