In-house development

Reliable, stable, transparent

The Paylogic ticketing systems are built by our own programmers to assure you work with an up-to-date system. Whether it concerns the presention of your ticketing process on your website or promotional activities through marketing partners, everything is designed to work flawlessly.

Trustworthy payment platform
We know safe, user friendly and guaranteed payments are of utmost importance for event organizers. Paylogic therefore offers a state-of-the- art payment platform which is connected to several reliable partners. It offers a wide range of payment methods for the end user, taking country specific preferences into account.

Always available
The Paylogic ticketing systems are built to handle large amounts of transactions within a short period of time (peak sales). To assure our systems are always available, every year both our company and systems are being certified and are built redundant. This means all functionalities of the platforms are being hosted on several servers. In case a server cannot be reached or becomes unavailable, another server takes over so the handling of peak sales and a high level of usability can be guaranteed. 

Global use
Paylogic operates in several countries and therefore offers platforms in several languages; both the back office (contol panel of the Paylogic system) as well as ticketing processes. You and your visitors can use any of the Paylogic functionalities in several languages. Available languages to order tickets are Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Portuguese.

Sales support

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