You're in charge

Fully in control; quick and easy

Paylogic offers a wide scale of functionalities that can be configured in our backoffice (the control panel of the Paylogic system) This process is user friendly so you can do everything yourself. Within five minutes everything can be set. 

Customizable webshop
The ticketing process for your event can be configured according to your needs. You can select the option that visitors need to create an account or you can select which data from a visitor you require in order for them to obtain a ticket. You can sell tickets publicly or only to people with a certain membership and you can create vouchers as well as promotional codes. All information and data you obtain from your visitors is your property, Paylogic only supplies the tools.

You are the one and only owner of your customer's data.

100% web based solution
The Paylogic backoffice consists of several modules and is accessible from everywhere. Everything happens online through a secured SSL connection, nothing needs to be installed and all latest functionalities are automatically implemented. In case support is needed, our customers can make use of dedicated account managers and event visitors can contact Paylogic's customer service


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